Exploring Intuition and Spiritual Awareness

Life is too short to be normal - whatever 'normal' is! Embracing our individual quirks and own brand of 'weird' is much more fun.

My name is Sally Chamberlain. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Behaviourist, Intuitive, Animal Communicator and Author based in South Derbyshire, England.

I love animals and all things spiritual. I work from a non-religious perspective and find the world of intuition very fascinating and intriguing.

My first book 'Weird Is Wonderful' is available on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle version. It is an exploration of everything it means to be an Empath and Highly Sensitive and Intuitive Person. 

I offer various services to help people better understand their animals, including cat behaviour consultations, animal communication and Reiki for animals.


I am also writing a book about cats called 'Power Of The Purr' to nourish the souls of cat lovers everywhere and promote kindness in resolving cat behaviour problems.

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Intuition & Spiritual Awareness

Intuition guides us in all aspects of our life. When we learn how to harness our intuition, we can get closer to our soul purpose and enhance our spiritual awareness.

Universal Energy

Universal energy connects and permeates everything. Learning about and working with Universal energy is fascinating and uplifting. It is the essence of all life.

Paranormal Phenomena

Paranormal phenomena are fascinating and compelling. Scary to some people, yet 'normal' to others, the paranormal is a hot topic and filled with infinite possibilities.

Reiki For Animals

Reiki is a form of energy healing from Japan. It has a gentle yet powerful effect that promotes healing and is deeply relaxing. Reiki can be given in-person or over a distance and has many benefits on every level.

Animal Communication

We are much more than physical beings and have the capability to communicate with all life and our planet itself through subtle energy. Exploring this ability can bring us great joy and wonder.

My Book

My book, 'Weird Is Wonderful' is available on Amazon. It covers all of the topics on here plus many more and encourages intuitive people to develop their abilities.

The answers to the Universe lie deep within ourselves

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